Jack Tatar is Changing How People Think About Retirement By Going beyond Financial Matters to Comprehensively Address What It Takes to Create a Safe and Fulfilling Retirement, and Best Prepare You for Your Golden Years!

Jack Tatar is one of the most popular contributors on The Wall Street Journal’s site as their RetireMentor.  To access his article on ‘The Four Keys to a Safe Retirement’ click here.

Safe 4 Retirement explores the four keys to a safe retirement: financial preparedness, health and wellness, mental attitude, and staying involved; book also provides readers with access to a powerful companion website that provides the latest up-to-date information on retirement topics.

Those expecting Jack Tatar’s book ‘Safe 4 Retirement: The 4 Keys to a Safe Retirement‘ to focus exclusively on financial do’s and don’t’s should think again. One of the world’s leading market researchers, Jack put his considerable skills to work when a tremendous personal loss opened his eyes to the reality that many retirees are ill-prepared for retirement, even when their finances are in order.

The passing of both his retired mother and father in the course of six months compelled Jack to ask questions, seek answers, and write a book that, as he says in his dedication, is one he wishes “they’d been able to read before they died.

Jack’s holistic approach to retirement for pre-retirees and retirees will help readers:

  • Create a financial plan
  • Manage their retirement income
  • Understand the complexities of vital programs such as Medicare and Social Security
  • Manage their health and learn how to eat healthily
  • Recognize that exercise is no longer optional and make it part of their lives
  • Create a positive attitude that will lead to a longer life
  • Learn to cope with the difficulties that will occur in retirement such as losing loved ones and being a caregiver
  • Appreciate opportunities for travel and volunteering
  • Use new technologies and social media to connect with others
  • And much more!

Jack comments, “I learned that there’s plenty of books and materials about being financially prepared for retirement, but there aren’t books and resources that take into account all the aspects that need to be considered when someone retires. Safe 4 Retirement fills that niche. It helps retirees and pre-retirees take care of their health, fill their free time, stay connected to friends, create more friends, and stay positive when family and friends move away or die. All told, it shows readers how to create a safe retirement.”

Now Jack offers you a personalized program to help you to achieve the best years of your life!

Let America’s Safe Retirement Coach become YOUR Safe Retirement Coach!

Whether you’re retired, retiring or have a loved one or friend who is retired or retiring, take the first step to fully realizing the Retirement Dreams that you’ve worked hard to achieve.

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